Riyal | Five factors contributed to Real’s first League loss this season.

Riyal | After failing to withstand the challenge of Rayo Vallecano, Real Madrid lost 5 points in the final two league games and ceded the lead to rival Barcelona Club. He prevented Real Madrid from suffering its first loss this season in the Spanish League Football League.

The riyal was successful in important games, particularly when it defeated Barcelona, but it struggled against teams vying for mid-table positions, as evidenced by the two points it dropped to Girona in the previous round. This time, the riyal lost the match riyal and did not perform at a level that merited a victory, and there are five factors that contributed to the riyal’s point loss.

Play without having a heart attack

When the Frenchman Karim Benzema is not there, Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti insists on playing without a direct assault. The second came when the riyal failed to riyal generate a threat, despite the necessity for adjustments, and the Italian changes did not provide the required energy, particularly because the riyal coach did not replace the man who constituted the team’s weak spot, the defender Carvajal, until the 85th minute.

There is no replacement for Kroos.

This season, Real Madrid is prepared to play without Karim Benzema due to the Frenchman’s frequent absences and ineffective contributions to victories, but the Spanish giants appear unable to do so without the German midfielder Toni Kroos due to his unique set of skills that set him apart from other midfielders, especially in the quick transfer from This shift from the defensive to the attacking positions explains Real Madrid’s significant play-building challenges.

Carvajal makes occasional errors

Real gave his opponent numerous balls in the Faycano match, particularly in the third goal shot when Carvajal botched his coverage and observation of his opponent, botched his removal of the ball, and continued the series of errors in the same process with his rush of sums that cost his team a penalty kick that determined the outcome.

This player was one of the points. Despite its great attacking and defensive roles, the riyal is poor because of the numerous individual mistakes it makes.

Considering the World Cup

It seems that the Brazilian was not ready to engage in strong dialogues for fear of an injury that would threaten His participation in the World Cup finals, and for this reason, his addition was absent from Real Madrid against Vallecano, after he played a significant role in the match.

The Brazilian Vinicius Junior lacked the effectiveness that he returns, as he had many opportunities to score, but he lost focus since he was cautioned at the beginning of the match and was close to being sent off.

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