Saudi Arabia’s historic week wins back the support of the West.

Saudi Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman (born 1985)

Saudi Arabia’s historic week | (AP) NEW YORK — The constant negative press that Jamal Khashoggi’s murder has generated since 2018 seems to be behind Saudi Arabia. Seeking Saudi investments or accepting their favour is no longer as frowned upon, and the kingdom is once more being eagerly welcomed back into the upper class.

Saudi Arabia’s historic week A prisoner swap between Ukraine and Russia was arranged by Saudi Arabia, and the country also hosted an elite gathering with the United Nations.

General Assembly, welcoming the German chancellor, celebrating the nation’s birthday with fanfare, and having a meeting with senior White House officials to address energy supplies.

Saudi Arabia’s historic week The country is able to bring attention back to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitious rebranding of Saudi Arabia and his plans to create the greatest sovereign wealth fund in the world and elevate the country from the G-20 to the more elite G-7 countries with the largest economies.

It’s a task that’s frequently described as rousing a sleeping monster. However, it goes on despite the fact that improvements for human rights are not on the agenda.

The crown prince has presided over a broad crackdown on dissent, which his supporters claim is important to maintain stability during this time, while he launches crucial social and economic changes.

Saudi Arabia’s historic week Women’s rights advocates, moderate preachers, conservative clerics, economists, and progressive authors are among those who have been jailed or are prohibited from leaving the country. Saudi billionaires and high-ranking princes have not been exempt. In an alleged anti-corruption operation that netted over $100 billion in assets, several people were arrested and imprisoned in the Ritz-Carlton in the capital.

However, the crackdown garnered the biggest worldwide condemnation when Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi operatives inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul four years ago.

Saudi Arabia’s historic week Incredibly long jail terms were only last month imposed on two women for their use of Twitter and other social media. In August, a Saudi court handed out a 45-year prison term to a woman for allegedly defaming the nation on social media. It followed a 34-year jail term for a Saudi lady who was found guilty of spreading “rumours” and retweeting opposition figures. The extremely lengthy sentences for both women were imposed following an appeal.

The power of Saudi Arabia comes not only from its dominant position as the largest oil exporter in the world but also from the fact that it is both the birthplace and the home of Islam.

The reorientation of Saudi Arabia’s identity from a primarily religious focus to one of cultural and national pride lies at the opposite end of these shifts.

The kingdom’s $620 billion wealth fund this week attracted some of the city’s Who’s Who to mix and network on the fringes of the United Nations’ annual meeting of world leaders at a posh daylong discussion at one of New York’s best Upper East Side residences. Although the kingdom has continued to attract investors and form alliances in the years following Khashoggi’s killing as well as throughout its ongoing war in Yemen, U.S. elites were less interested in these relationships.

Saudi Arabia’s historic week

The largest project of the PIF is Neom, a futuristic megaproject along the Red Sea coast of the kingdom’s northwest that includes flying cars and a 170 kilometre (105 mile) long metropolis with no carbon emissions that is totally contained.

The PIF is managed by the crown prince, although Yasir al-Rumayyan is in charge of managing the PIF’s daily investments. At the so-called “Priority Summit,” he addressed a wealthy elite that included Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former White House advisor Jared Kushner. To launch his own private equity business, Kushner just received a $2 billion investment from the PIF.

Saudi Arabia’s historic week The 37-year-old prince’s race against time to create at least 1.8 million jobs for Saudi youths who are reaching adulthood and entering the workforce depends on the fund.

Saudi Arabia’s historic week “It’s not only the numbers that we are looking at, but the quality of these jobs, the quality of what we are offering to our society — and not just the numbers,” Al-Rumayyan the same time, generating money while we’re doing it.”

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