Shada Al-Dawla may be seen from “Caves” as “Al-Makhwah Room” observes International Coffee Day.

Shada Al-Dawla | A celebration that attracted a large crowd and the media revived the governorate’s agriculture and tourist industries. In honour of International Coffee Day, Al-Makhwah Chamber organised the Coffee Industry Festival, which was held in the caves bathroom in Shada Al-Asfal Mountain under the patronage of the governor of Al-Makhwah, Ghalab bin Ghaleb Abu Khashim,

and in the presence of the chairman of the board of directors, Mashi Al-Omari, as well as a number of coffee plantation owners and media professionals.

Shada Al-Dawla The celebration attracted a large number of interested people and the media, and it revived the agricultural and tourism movements by including a wide range of activities designed to introduce the different varieties of Arabic coffee, preparation techniques, and production conditions, as well as its relationship to genuine Arab values.

Mashi Al-Omari, the chairman of the Al-Makhwah Chamber of Commerce Council, noted that the purpose of this yearly event is to affirm consumer interest in local goods and to elevate the status of Saudi coffee, which is an important part of our culture as Saudi nationals.

International Coffee Day.

All people who work in the coffee industry and associated fields are honoured on International Coffee Day. The International Coffee Organization states that it also acknowledges that recycling trash from the coffee industry into new goods and other energy sources generates significant financial and employment possibilities while lowering production costs.

Shada Al-Dawla He continued by saying that coffee is associated with the cultural legacy of the Kingdom and represents a past rich in traditions, rituals, and values like as hospitality and charity, as well as the human, aesthetic, and artistic presence in poetry, songs, and even folk proverbs. Today, coffee is a significant part of Saudi culture and folklore and serves as a cultural signifier for the country.

Global Coffee Day 2022: One of the most popular drinks in the world is coffee. For many of us, the day wouldn’t begin without taking a sip of our favourite beverage, whether it be an espresso, latte, or cappuccino. We frequently go on dates or meet new acquaintances over coffee. International Coffee Day is observed on October 1 in honour of this wonderful and delicious beverage.

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the US, from cappuccinos to espressos. In actuality, the National Coffee Association USA estimates that 491 million cups are consumed daily in the United States.

Check out these businesses for free or cheap coffee for the holiday if you want to save money on your favourite cup of joe. Even though October 1 is International Coffee Day, certain sales continue through October 5.

Shada Al-Dawla The interest in planting coffee trees has increased in Mount Shada, one of the most significant areas for its cultivation in the Al-Baha region, so this annual celebration came to support those efforts, he continued, emphasising that the occasion of Coffee Day supports the activity of coffee cultivation and publicises the methods of preparing and preparing coffee as well as the industries based on it, thus the methods of marketing and facilitating investment in it.

According to Al-Omari, our enlightened leadership declared 2022 AD to be the “Year of Saudi Coffee” because of the high prominence of this cultural and national icon.

It is notable that Shadawi coffee is regarded as one of the greatest varieties in the Kingdom; this is because it was the founder’s favourite beverage, may God rest his soul.

Shada Al-Dawla In a previous article titled “From the founder’s favourite coffee site.. “Al-Shadawi” tells the story of two mountains and appeals,” Nasser Al-Shadawi mentioned the mountain, which was formerly famous for its cultivation and production of Shadawi coffee, and whose fame reached because King Abdulaziz chose Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, may God rest his soul, and he prefers the Shadawi coffee.

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