Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim’s final speech, and this is his will (witness)

Al-Azhar grieved for Sheikh Al-Azhari as he was laid to rest in a sombre burial. Watan – Following the news of Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim’s passing, activists shared a video clip of his final sermon on social media. This provoked extensive discussion between the many facets of Egyptian and Arab culture.

Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim, who is he? .. In a sombre burial, thousands of Shiites were buried in Egypt.

Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim’s The late Egyptian Azhar scholar tried to “facilitate” the affairs of the current reality for many young people who see the difficulties of lived reality as an incomprehensible contemporary dilemma through a set of advice and directions that represent his long journey in terms of rhetoric and diction directed to youth audiences in particular.

The last address of Sheikh Osama Abdul Azim

Because of the dead man’s reputation for being able to teach and communicate in public with ease and flexibility, which made him the centre of attention for many young people, his fans were drawn to this sermon. In his most recent sermon, which I watched (Watan), Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim stated:

Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim’s covered “the present realities of the nation and the fall of Granada in the country of Andalusia” in his farewell, well-received sermon.

In order to be one of those who walk to God, it is still up to you to labour in this world. He went on, “Do you follow the right road to God? Are you a member of the workforce for the afterlife or a member of the world’s workforce?”

The late preacher said, “If you are one of the slaves of the world, your search will be disappointed, and if it does not have a right direction with the passage of time, its journey will go astray.”

“Sheikh ascetic” Osama Abdel Azim

It is remarkable that the sheikh’s passing, who was known as “an ascetic in the world,” sparked social media activity and caused his name to appear on messaging platforms. Many of his followers and pupils noted that he “did not wish for popularity,” which is significant.

Thousands of mourners marched solemnly from Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim’s house to the cemetery where he was buried during his burial. Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub made his most recent appearance and delivered a moving speech during the funeral for Osama Abdel Azim.

For the funeral prayer for Dr. Osama Abdel-Azim, a sizable crowd of depositors from all over the world gathered in Cairo’s “Al-Tunisi” neighborhood’s Eid prayer hall. and following his passing, numerous condolence messages were sent across all social media platforms.

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub was among the several notable Egyptian clerics and preachers that attended the late Azhar scholar’s burial.

Many people had the opportunity to learn more about Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim’s, one of Egypt’s most austere Azharite preachers, thanks to his passing. And yesterday, Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim’s son posted on his official Facebook page that his father had passed away, writing: “And the knight got off.

He changed for God’s compassion, his pleasure, my master, the soul of my heart, the comfort of my eyes, and my eyes’ comfort. Abdel Azim was born in 1948 in the Khalifa neighbourhood of the Cairo Governorate’s Al-Tunisi district. He earned his degree in 1967 from the Faculty of Sharia and Law at Al-Azhar University’s Higher Department of Islamic and Arabic Studies.

Jurisprudence PhD

Al-Maliki claims that Sheikh Osama Abdel Azim’s , who died away yesterday, enrolled in the Al- Azhar University Faculty of Engineering after finishing the Faculty of Sharia, earned a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s degree in 1976, and then earned a Ph.D. He presided over the Islamic Sharia Department from 1999 to 2008 as its director.

Al-Maliki said that the late constantly cautioned against extreme groups, particularly the terrorist group ISIS, and denounced them, referring to them as “Khawarij of the era” and saying that they sanctioned people’s blood and honour and proclaimed rulers and the ruled to be unbelievers.

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