Speaking about the veracity of her signing to Alahli football club and the veracity of the “million-pound deal” with Zamalek, Maryam Mostafa

Volleyball player Mariam Mostafa stated that she is currently a member of the Zamalek club and hoped that officials will examine their consciences in light of the professional period. As she arrived as a guest of the Match programme on the Echo of the Country channel today, Wednesday, Maryam Mustafa continued, “I was in a camp with Alahli football club and there was a change of director of sports activity and there were problems.

We were in a camp and they told us to sit for an initial session because there were problems (we cannot travel to the African Championship and we are not renewed). And as you can probably understand, thanks to social media. I have a photo of the contract that was filled up after that, and I am not there. These images that were released were signed in blank, and the accusation was on the heart of the contract.

The volleyball player explained why she had signed Al-renewal Alahli football club contracts by saying: “I signed for the entity and there was a session that would take place, but when they heard about the Zamalek club’s negotiations, it did not take place and I did not deny that I signed a blank for Al-Ahly and I signed a paper with the dues, but I did not know the content of this paper, and my mother demanded the club. The officials gave their denial after carefully reading the deal.

And the player replied to the signing of Zamalek for money by saying, “I wanted to view the deal, but they refused, and Captain Khaled Al-Awadi informed my mother the contract with Captain Bebo in his car, and I don’t think the captain knows that I signed the contract in blank.

” Problems with the coach caused me to drop off the list and request a loan last season. The club’s captain, Hamdi Al-Safi, rumoured that this was done on the administration’s orders, but I went out on loan to the Shooting Club for psychological solace and after we arrived in Tunisia, there were issues with the coach, so I requested my contract to check it out.

I didn’t take an exam during an academic year at the American University for the Al-Ahly Club, and my contract with Zamalek isn’t for a million pounds, Maryam stated. which is a year similar to my 4-year deal with Alahli football club. We are living in a professional era. Be gone.

My mother and I were insulted by committee members five months ago. I am the only one who included a 3 million pound penalty clause in her contract with Alahli football club is it conceivable that I sign on a 3 million pound penalty clause in addition to my 200,000 pound contract? How will I play for Al-Ahly Club after what happened?

During a guest appearance in the same episode, Maryam’s mother, Hana Hamza, who is also the vice president of the Egyptian Volleyball Federation, said: “I heard that Hana had no back in the administration because my son was on Mahmoud Taher’s list, and coach Habeb imposes his player on Maryam, who is a junior” (Libro).

We released a record of proof in the matter, and I instructed Maryam to show in the record that the signature was on empty paper. The Egyptian national team and I met with representatives of theAlahli football club and Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and they responded that they would look into the coach’s situation.

She said, “The players and the Legal Affairs Committee determined in its most recent report, and the International Volleyball Federation answered that the subject is an internal concern. before going to the International Federation that the player did not receive her dues for a certain period of time.

And we see that the Zamalek contract is a sound contract that has no flaws and is in line with the player’s wishes.” If Al-viewpoint Alahli football club is sound, they should let events unfold naturally. If Alaa Sadiq is in communication with someone, they should let the committees go and people within the media centre mention what he said before what they say.

“I have a lot, but I won’t talk about it or attack; instead, I stand up for myself, act under pressure, and declare myself the vice.” “President of the federation of volleyball,” she said. I was behind because several things occurred, and when I made a complaint in about 2016, I aided her and requested that her case be looked into because she had not received her dues.

She then moved to Al-Ahly, but there was an incident or issue with the technical director Hamdi Al-Safi that caused her to leave and return to Zamalek. Now she wants to go back to Al-Ahly, but there is a new issue.

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