Syrian-born Egyptian artist Shams Al-Baroudi

Shams Al-Baroudi A Syrian-born Egyptian actress who was born on October 4, 1945, she studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts before starting her career in the early 1960s. She was married twice, including for a brief time to a Saudi prince, before deciding in the mid-1980s to give up acting and don the hijab.

genesis and upbringing

Shams Al-Malouk Jamil Ezzat Al-Baroudi, also known as Shams Al-Baroudi, was born on October 4, 1945, to a Syrian mother and an Egyptian father in the Warraq Al-Hatra district of the Giza Governorate in central Egypt.

Shams has one brother and six sisters, and her grandpa migrated from Syria to Cairo and worked in the trade while others of the family stayed in Syria.

study and training in science

Shams Al-Baroudi attended French-language elementary, preparatory, and secondary schools in Egypt before enrolling in the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Cairo. She studied there for just two and a half of the four years necessary to earn a bachelor’s degree before deciding to pursue acting.


Shams Al-Baroudi wed Saudi Prince Khalid bin Saud in 1969 and received the title of princess at the time. However, according to accounts, their marriage lasted barely between three and thirteen months before they divorced.

And in February 1972, Shams wed the Egyptian artist Hassan Youssef. However, the couple split up after just two months owing to personality conflicts and Youssef’s wish for Al-Baroudi to retire and focus on her marriage.

Everyone was shocked when Shams returned to Hassan Youssef after a brief divorce, bearing him 4 sons: Nariman, Mahmoud, Omar (the only one working in the field of acting), and Abdullah. Shams had a love story with director Hossam El Din Mostafa after her quick divorce from Hassan Youssef, and the pair started planning for marriage. Shams Al-Baroudi is linked to actress Reem Al-Baroudi through her niece, artist Ghada Adel, who also works in acting.

art tour

When Shams Al-Baroudi started her creative career in the early 1960s, she was still going by her given name, Shams Al-Muluk, but she quickly altered her moniker to reflect her family name, Shams Al-Baroudi.

Shams made his debut in a motion picture in 1961 in the comedy “Husband for Rent,” which was directed by Issa Karama and starred the Egyptian performer Ismail Yassin. The public became familiar with her after she starred as Soad Hosni’s girlfriend in the film “The Wedding Night” the same year. A year later, she presented “Dunia Al Banat,” and in 1965 she took part in presenting “She and the Men” and “The Punishment.”

Her first appearance in the ultimate championship occurred in the 1966 television series “The Bitter Honey,” which was created by Youssef Ezz El-Din Issa and was overseen by Abdel Moneim Shoukry.

Shams went on to portray other roles in Egyptian movies after that. She appeared in a number of movies, including Malay Street, Fun and Torment, and Hammam El Malatili.

Shams worked on a number of projects with her husband, the artist Hassan Youssef, whether he was acting in them or directing them. These projects included “Love Journey,” which was the first competition that brought them together, “Coward and Love,” “Was Love,” “Happy Marriage,” and “Baba is the last to know.”


The first of the 45 films Shams Al-Baroudi introduced to Egyptian cinema was “Husband for Rent” in 1961, and the last was “Two on the Road” in 1984. She also only broadcast two drama series, “The Bitter Honey” in 1966 and “After Torment” in 1969, as well as one radio programme. In 1980, “Oops, No Revenge” is playing.

She renounced all the works she had taken part in after the journey she had taken with her father to undertake Umrah.

Shams put an advertisement on the page of an Egyptian newspaper shortly after she announced her retirement from the arts in which she disavowed her work and stated, “Whoever damages a Muslim is wounded by God, and whoever hardens a Muslim is harmed by God, the Messenger of God has believed.

She also declared her final retirement from the arts after returning from Umrah in February 1982. God is sufficient, and he is the best agent. Old films that were shot many years ago.

As she was going to see her daughter in England in 2008 and was just wearing the veil, Shams was obliged to remove the niqab due to regulations put in place following the London bombings.

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