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How to pronounce Qatar: How to say the name of the 2022 World Cup host country

How to pronounce Qatar | With Qatar selected as the first Arab nation to host the World Cup in 2022,…

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Qatar flooding | Washington pledges further assistance for flood-devastated Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Qatar flooding The US pledged an additional $10 million in help to its already announced $56.1 million in financial…

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The truth behind Egypt’s tallest bridge. The “Samira Moussa” axis led the trend for what reason?

After images depicting a sharp trend in the angles of climb and descent on the axis circulated, sparking debate and…

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The decision to boycott Israel and refrain from using its airports is made by some 250 academics and solidarity activists worldwide

A request for an academics boycott of Israel and a prohibition on any academic, cultural, or media contact with academics…

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US demands more data on UAE capture of Khashoggi legal advisor

State Department representative Ned Price said Monday that the United States is mentioning “extra data” from the United Arab Emirates…

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