The anticipated lineup for Al Ittihad of Monastir vs. Al Ahly’s African Champions League match

Monastir vs. Al Ahly’s On Sunday night, Al-Ahly of Egypt will make its debut in the African Champions League 2022-2023 as a guest of the Tunisian Union of Monastir. The match between Monastir vs. Al Ahly’s will take place on that day at five o’clock in the evening in Mecca, four o’clock in the afternoon in Cairo, and three o’clock in the afternoon in Tunisia.

Monastir vs. Al Ahly’s The two sides have finished their preparations for the next game, which will take place at the Mustafa Bin Jannat Stadium in front of an expected 8,000 spectators.

Up until the final, the CAF Champions League schedule is 2023.

In preparation for the game, each team participated in the primary practise on Saturday night while the two coaches selected the starting lineup.

Monastir vs. Al Ahly’s The Monastir Union’s anticipated creation in opposition to Al-Ahly
According to sources from Tunisia, the Serbian coach Darko Nukovic decided on the details of the Monastir Union’s lineup versus Al-Ahly.

Mohamed Salah is not among the top 10 players in the world in terms of speed for 2022.

And it’s most likely that the Monastir Union will take the following form to oppose Al-Ahly:

Bashir Ben Said is the goalkeeper.
Omar Borawi, Noureddine Al-Shartani, Mohamed Al-Saghrawi, and Youssef Omaro make up the defence lines.
Hossam Taqa, Alaeddin Al-Deridi, Idris Al-Muhairsi, and Heikal Al-Shekhawi play in the midfield.
Ziad Alaoui plays offensive line.

The anticipated creation of Al-Ahly against Al-Ittihad of Monastir
In contrast, Swiss manager Marcel Koehler is getting ready for Al-first Ahly’s competitive game since he took over nearly a month ago.

The establishment of Al-Ahly against Al-Ittihad of Monastir will be in significant part as follows, according to the Egyptian “Yalla Kora” website.

  • Monastir vs. Al Ahly’s Mohamed El-Shennawy is the goalkeeper.
  • Akram Tawfiq, Yasser Ibrahim, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, and Ali Maaloul make up the defence lines.
  • Amr Al-Sulayya, Aliou Diang, and Ahmed Abdelkader are in the middle.
  • Ahmed Abdelkader, Bruno Savio, and Hossam Hassan are the forwards.

In the game that brought them together in the African Champions League, the Al-Ahly football team defeated the Monastir Union by a single goal in a challenging triumph.

On the sports facility Mustafa Bin Jannat in Monastir, Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad of Monastir faced off in the opening leg of the 32nd preliminary round of the continental championship.

In the 94th minute, Ali Maaloul’s intricate cross was met by a header from Mohamed Abdel Moneim to give Al-Ahly the victory.

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