The Book Hijrah In The Footsteps of The Prophet” will be published by Ithra in Saudi Arabia.

The book Hijrah | A brand-new book that will be printed in December summarises a Saudi travelling exhibition that debuted in August to commemorate the Islamic new year.

The Book Hijrah

“Hijrah: In the Footsteps of the Prophet” is a 240-page book that recounts the Prophet Muhammad’s historic trip from Makkah to Madinah 1,400 years ago.

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran will host the exhibition, the contents of which served as the basis for the book, until the spring of 2019.

The book’s editing and curation were significantly influenced by Dr. Idries Trevathan, an expert in Islamic studies and curator of the Ithra exhibition.

Trevathan enlisted the help of renowned academics Abdullah Alkadi, Kumail Almusaly, Daoud Stephen Casewit, Hamza Yusuf, Ovidio Salazar, and Thalia Kennedy for the book, which was divided into seven chapters—a number frequently connected with spirituality.

Experts helped him piece the story together using geography, storytelling, and scenery as well as high-resolution photos of the actual journey.

DIrector of Ithra

We sincerely feel that this collection and this exhibition represent actual advances in knowledge, study, and understanding among all peoples and faiths, wrote Abdullah Al-Rashid, director of Ithra, in the book’s forward.

“We believe that as we learn more about the Hijrah, we will be inspired to adopt the morals and customs of those who migrated, and that this will foster greater sensitivity, tolerance, and empathy for others.

We believe that when future researchers build on our work and use it to learn more, our efforts will lead to even more research and insights.

Other forwards were written by Laila Al-Faddagh, director of the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, Anas Saleh Serafi, secretary-general of Dar Al Funoon Al-Islamiyya, and Farah Abushullaih, director of Ithra’s museum.

According to Trevathan, the term “Hijrah” (which means “migration”) alludes to the Prophet’s journey from Makkah to Madinah in the year 622—exactly 1,400 years ago—along with his closest companion, Abu Bakr.

“The Hijrah celebration is significant to Muslims worldwide because it signifies the passage of time and the start of the Islamic calendar.

It’s incredibly crucial in that it serves as the basis for 1 billion Muslims worldwide. These individuals, who come from as far apart as Indonesia and Morocco, are literally defined by it.

“When we examined the Hijrah tale, we discovered that this crucial event has never been the subject of an exhibition or a movie. So, less than four years ago, we decided to take action to correct the issue and organised a Hijrah exhibition. And today’s exhibition is the result of our efforts.

It’s been a true labour of love, involving academics, artists, people, and organisations from all over the world. Really, it’s been a team effort. We are really honoured and proud to be able to share it with the general audience.

“We also created an exhibition catalogue to go along with this exhibition. And what makes this type of catalogue special is that it includes chapters written by numerous guest authors, including many highly regarded academics from around the globe, such as Dr. Abdullah Alkadi, who is regarded as the foremost expert on the Hijrah and one of the most significant living biographers of the Prophet Muhammad today.

“Sheikh Hamza Yusuf from Berkeley, California wrote a chapter for us as well. Furthermore, we include chapters written by Ithra scholars,” he added.

“This book’s attention on the Hijrah’s landscape, or the sacred landscape, sets it apart from other literature on the period from which it was written.

“To chronicle the terrain, we collaborated with a lot of filmmakers and photographers. This book contains a large portion of what they captured, which makes for some amazing landscape photography.

“We also wanted to examine the various artistic methods that people have told the Hijrah story over the decades. Therefore, we examined the literary and aesthetic traditions of the Islamic world and included many of these works in this book and the exhibition.

“However, we also wanted to comprehend how the younger generations communicated their recollections or their thoughts towards the narrative. Some of the new artworks we commissioned for the exhibition are also featured in this book,” he continued.

One of the exhibition’s duplicate pieces has became popular on social media.

So, he continued, “they can relate to the story even more — in a closer way.

At the Ithra store and all major online retailers, the book is now available for pre-order in both English and Arabic. It is priced at $70.

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