The commencement of the new season coincides with the occurrence of 4 crises in the Egyptian League.

In the most recent period, the Egyptian League football championship for the 2022–2023 season was swiftly followed by crises, which was remarkable and unexpected for the supporters because everyone had been living under the influence of some crises in the days prior to the launch, which is today.

rejection of security

Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi demanded that his match against Ceramica Cleopatra in the first round be postponed because he refused to play his matches in the new season at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria because he preferred to play his own matches at the stadium, according to reports from the past few days. Ismailia’s Suez Canal Authority

Egyptian League Ismaily requested playing temporarily against Al-Ahly at the Military College Stadium in Cairo, provided that the two teams’ matches would be played in Cairo during the current season, after failing to obtain security approvals to hold his first match with Al-Ahly in Ismailia and refusing to play in Alexandria.

Ticket holdup

A second crisis has arisen over tickets for games of the various teams preparing for the start of the football season, as many have complained about the crisis of the ticket company responsible for putting it up in opening its application so far.

Al-Ahly fans have complained about the high cost of tickets in their matches, which are 100 Egyptian pounds, but the Professional Clubs Association is still searching for a solution to the stadium crisis. The complaint also mentioned the registration site’s almost-regular collapse.

Satellite broadcasting’s enigma

And then a third crisis manifested, which strongly erupted on the scene of league events. This crisis was represented by the ambiguity of the position of satellite broadcasting, as some clubs, like the Alexandrian Union and Smouha of Alexandria, continue to refuse to grant the “Presentation” company broadcasting rights unless the financial value of contracts is increased in the following season.

A significant cash return from satellite transmission is what Ghazl El-Mahalla and Aswan, two teams, are looking for to fill their coffers for the next football season.

foreign kings

Egyptian League Another crisis occurred, and Clattenburg, the new director of the Referees Committee, emerged as its hero. He asked the Football Association and Clubs for a financial budget so they could hire foreign video technology referees to work in the Egyptian League in the event that any arbitration issues arose due to the referees’ improper use of video technology and the fear of further crises.

On the sidelines of a press conference held by Clattenburg a few days ago, during which he blew up major surprises, and revealed the resort to the media in the next stage to identify all the referees crises, he announced the implementation of VAR” in the season,Egyptian League provided that this file will receive financial support from the clubs and the Professional Clubs Association in the ensuing period. If any future knowledge is kept a secret from him.

It is significant that the Egyptian League will debut on October 18 under its new format, with a challenging schedule of games for the supporters, featuring the first-ever “derby” between Al-Ahly and Ismaili.

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