The decision to boycott Israel and refrain from using its airports is made by some 250 academics and solidarity activists worldwide

A request for an academics boycott of Israel and a prohibition on any academic, cultural, or media contact with academics and researchers working in the occupying state, as well as a restriction on using its airports has been signed electronically by 244 Arab and international academics and solidarity activists so far.

A total of 27 nations, including Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq, Guatemala, South Africa, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Sweden, the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Mauritania, Belgium, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, Turkey, and Russia, are represented among the signatories to the statement as well as the academics.

In the campaign statement, it was stated that the occupation forces continue to target Palestinian civilians, storm Palestinian camps, cities, and villages, besiege academics the Shuafat camp, Nablus, and Jenin, and subject the locals to collective punishments. It was also stated that these forces continue to kill and detain dozens of Palestinians each month.

Numerous illegal settlement units are still being constructed in the occupied Palestinian territory according to Israeli policies, which also enforce apartheid there. The hallowed Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Ibrahimi Mosque are both being invaded by settlers, who are being watched over, protected, and encouraged by the occupying troops.

his declaration follows a seminar titled “International Experiences in Combating Apartheid,” which was presented through the Zoom application on October 15 academics and was sponsored by the International Academics Campaign Against the Israeli Occupation and the Annexation Resolution.

launching a campaign urging all university students worldwide to view “Israel” as a lawless occupying power that is implementing an apartheid regime on the occupied Palestinian lands in violation of international law.

Researchers, professors, and solidarity activists from all over the world attended the gathering, together with a group of supporters of the Palestinian cause from numerous Arab and other nations.

The International Academic Campaign’s Secretary-General, Dr. Ramzy Odeh, welcomed the attendees at the start of the symposium and emphasized that it “comes within a series of meetings and multiple activities held by the campaign in the context of spreading awareness and highlighting the violations and crimes of the Israeli occupation, which are described as crimes of apartheid.”

Given that the symposium is an electronic intellectual protest against the occupation and accompanying academics boycott, the Secretary-General of the Academics Campaign respected the attendance and speakers.

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