The desire for victory in response to challenge Al-Fayha

In a match that the two clubs approach with distinct situations and objectives, Al-Nasr hopes to earn its third straight victory and sixth in the league when it meets Al-Fayhaa at the Marsool Park Stadium in Riyadh for the eighth round of the Saudi Roshan League.

Al-Nasr advanced to the top of the rankings with 16 points from 7 games, winning in 5, drawing in 2, and losing in 1, while Al-Fayhaa remained in the bottom spot with 2 points from 7 games, tying in 2, and losing in 5 games.

Al-Nasr is improving in terms of performance and outcomes, and it anticipates today’s opportunity to take advantage of the circumstances surrounding its visitor and get the three points necessary to keep its place and contend for the top slot in the World Cup’s subsequent rounds.

Al-Nasr will be without its captain Sultan Al-Ghannam and Abdel-Fattah Asiri due to injuries, Argentine Betty Martinez and Uzbek Masharipov due to lack of readiness, but he boasts illustrious players in every line, including goalkeeper David Ospina of Colombia, midfielders Veslan Konan of Ivory Coast, Alvaro Gonzalez of Spain, Talisca of Brazil, his compatriot Luiz

As a consequence of the poor performance—he has yet to win—which put pressure on the players and their technical staff, Al-condition Fayhaa’s has gotten worse. victory However, he still has hope of finding his footing by using the large door.

Sultan Mandash and perhaps Serbian goalie Vladimir Stojkovic are injured, but Al-Fayhaa still has talented players like Sami Al-Khaibri and Hussein Al-Showish, as well as Brazilians Ricardo Reiler, Paulinho, and Anthony.

Restoring the winning tone with justice and your participation

In their matchup at the Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Sports City Stadium in Al-Ahsa, the two sides will both be aiming for victory while having different goals. Dhamk intends to win points.

Al-Adala starts the game in a tie for thirteenth position with four points from seven matches, having won one, tied one, and lost five, while Damak is in a tie for seventh place with twelve points from seven matches, having won three, tied three, and lost one.

Al-Adala, with the exception of his victory over Al-Fayhaa in the sixth round, continues to deliver performances that fall short of expectations. victory His most recent performance was the four-point defeat to Al-Nassr, and he aspires to be present today both technically and morally in order to receive the full mark.

Damak hopes to resume its winning ways and advance in the rankings after two draws against Al-Batin and Al-Ittihad, especially given that the league still provides favourable levels to the team.

Abha is going to get his cut from the sub

When Abha and its sub-host face off in a crucial game at the Al-Batin Club stadium in Hafr Al-Batin, each squad intends to win despite the disparate conditions between them.

Abha is going to get his cut from the sub

Al-Batin is in last position with one point after seven games, one tie, and six losses, whereas Abha moved up to twelfth place with seven points after seven games, two wins, one draw, and four losses.

Al-Batin continues to pay the price for not being allowed to register because he did not receive a certificate of financial competence. His situation has gotten worse, especially given that he relies on a group of young players who are assisted by one foreign professional and some seasoned players.

Nevertheless, he makes an effort to win the match despite these obstacles. Before the break, particularly since the squad will attempt to organise its cards and add some players to its ranks in the next winter Mercato.

Abha regained his balance and inflicted the first loss in cooperation after his Belgian coach Vandenbrooke was dismissed due to subpar performance. Today, he hopes to add three more points to his balance and advance one step, especially since the team set up a brief camp in Riyadh following its most recent game.

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