The Exchange of Prisoners of War and the Ghost of a Potential Peace in Ukraine Last Week

Peace in Ukraine |Late on September 21st, amazing news of a significant prisoner of war exchange and the homecoming of 205 of our men rippled over the Ukrainian internet. The whole nation feared and prayed for our protectors. This is a clear triumph for Ukraine, one that deserves genuine joy.

Not everyone, though, undoubtedly noticed that the possibility of future peace is concealed under the prisoner swap deal, which is another significant event for Ukraine. brilliant special operation involving the prisoner swap

When the news of the prisoner swap reached the nation late on Wednesday night, the majority of Ukrainians just felt relief. Our defenders have endured persecution and suffering, but they will soon returning home. This triumph is just as significant to us as the effective counterattack in the Kharkiv region.

Of course, we won’t learn more about how and by whom this triumph was achieved until after the war, but we may certainly make some first inferences now.
First, a strong message was sent to Ukraine and the rest of the world:

Peace in Ukraine We won’t give up on ours. In every situation, we will fight for our defenders, and we will win this battle. One Medvedchuk and 55 Russian prisoners of war were swapped for 205 Ukrainian soldiers, 108 of them were defenders of Azovstal.

In accordance with the conditions of the exchange, five senior commanders, including national guardsmen Denys Shleha and Oleh Khomenko as well as commander of “Azov” Denys Prokopenko, his deputy Sviatoslav Palamar, marine Serhii Volynskyi, and will be sent to Turkey until the conclusion of the conflict.

Investigators from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) got as much information on the Russian agency’s operations from Medvedchuk as they could, but politics were also a factor because that is how ancient Ukrainian custom is. Naturally, Medvedchuk testified against Petro Poroshenko in the coal case using carefully prepared and recorded evidence, which is now admissible in court without his actual presence.

Peace in Ukraine Second, Ukrainian special services, government officials, and diplomats have demonstrated that they are prepared to carry out multi-channel special operations.

The major intelligence division of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense (GUR), under the direction of General Budanov, was instrumental in this spectacular special operation. The SBU, which imprisoned Medvedchuk a few months ago, and Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs worked closely together to carry out the swap.

In contrast to the SBU, the GUR was created as a brand-new intelligence agency, which is significant. Because of this, it was able to escape the’marks of Soviet legacy,’ and the intelligence service obtained all of its expertise via carrying out its own operations, including all of its accomplishments and mistakes.

Peace in Ukraine The GUR has demonstrated the value of its efforts today (and we simply do not know how many successful operations). Many scholars will contrast it with the British MI-6 and the Israeli MOSSAD. The most important thing is that it will continue to be professional, politically apolitical, and patriotic.Third, Ukraine has demonstrated that it is a nation that is accountable to its allies.

Without the international and diplomatic component, which included the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the President’s Office, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy personally, the exchange undoubtedly would not have taken place. The role of the Crimean Tatars and Rustam Umerov, the chairman of the State Property Fund, is still being played out in the shadows for the time being. MOUTH TO MOUTH

Peace in Ukraine Ten foreigners, including British, American, Swedish, and Moroccan nationals who had been apprehended and wrongfully executed, might be transported to Saudi Arabia. Of course, our partners, who were aware of the basic framework of the operation, will be appreciative of this action on our behalf.

The Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s involvement in the exchange process as a mediator has the potential to considerably bolster the American oil front against Russia. The relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia considerably worsened following the murder of the Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi, for which the Americans blamed the prince.

Peace in Ukraine However, a chat between President Joe Biden and Prince Mohammed following the release of American prisoners of war suggests the beginnings of warming ties and, as a result, the potential involvement of Saudi Arabia, one of the greatest oil-producing nations, in sanctions against Russia.

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