The greatest known execution in the contemporary history of the kingdom occurs in Saudi Arabia.

kingdom occurs in Saudi Arabia | United Arab Emirates: DUBAI The greatest recorded mass execution carried out in the kingdom in modern times occurred on Saturday when Saudi Arabia murdered 81 persons who had been found guilty of offences ranging from murder to membership in terrorist organisations.

The number of those put to death even eclipsed the total of the January 1980 mass execution of 63 militants who had been found guilty of capturing the Grand Mosque in Mecca in 1979, the biggest terrorist attack ever to strike the monarchy and the holiest site in Islam.

It is unclear why the monarchy chose Saturday for the executions, but they took place while the world’s attention remained mostly on Russia’s conflict with Ukraine and as the United States attempts to decrease record-high gas prices as energy costs rise globally. According to reports, Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, would travel to Saudi Arabia the next week to discuss oil pricing.

kingdom occurs in Saudi Arabia | The report also stated that the kingdom will keep up its rigorous and unyielding opposition to the radical ideologies and terrorism that pose a danger to global stability. Although Saudi Arabia regularly beheads criminals on death row, it was not specified how the detainees were put to death.

The executioners were said to have “followed the footsteps of Satan” in a statement made by Saudi state television.

Even though the number of executions carried out in Saudi Arabia decreased during the coronavirus outbreak, the country’s ruler, King Salman, and his brash son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, persisted in beheading criminals.

kingdom occurs in Saudi Arabia.

kingdom occurs in Saudi Arabia | The monarchy claims that among those put to death were terrorists.
The executions on Saturday were announced by the Saudi Press Agency, which stated that those put to death included people “convicted of different crimes, including the murder of innocent men, women, and children.”

The kingdom said that some of those put to death were supporters of the Houthi rebels in Yemen as well as members of al-Qaida and the Islamic State organisation. Since 2015, a Saudi-led coalition has been engaged in combat with the Houthis in neighbouring Yemen in an endeavour to reinstate the internationally recognised government. The Houthis are supported by Iran.

Seven Yemenis, one Syrian, and 73 Saudis were among those who were executed. The report omitted mentioning where the killings took place.

kingdom occurs in Saudi Arabia | As per the Saudi Press Organization, “during the legitimate system, which governed the denounced blameless, they were ensured their full privileges under Saudi regulation and were given the right to an attorney.”them to blame for doing different shocking bad behaviors that achieved the passings of innumerable standard individuals and cops.

Shiite minorities have been killed in executions in Saudi Arabia.
International outrage over the executions spread quickly.

“Bloodshed is certain to follow when Mohammed bin Salman pledges transformation,” said Soraya Bauwens, the deputy director of the London-based advocacy organisation Reprieve.

The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights’ head, Ali Adubusi, said that some of the killed had undergone torture and had trials “taken out in secrecy.” He declared, “These executions are the antithesis of justice.”

The latest major execution in the country took place in January 2016, when 47 individuals were put to death, including a well-known opposition Shiite imam who had organised protests there.

kingdom occurs in Saudi Arabia | For suspected terrorism-related offences, the monarchy executed 37 Saudi nationals nationwide in 2019 by beheading them, the majority of whom were minority Shiites. As a message to others, it also displayed the severed corpse and head of a convicted extremist on a pole. While uncommon, these post-execution crucifixions do happen in the kingdom.

Over thirty of those who were murdered on Saturday, according to activists like Ali al-Ahmed of the American Institute for Gulf Affairs and Democracy for the Arab World Now, were also Shiites. The religions of those who were slain, however, were not mentioned in the Saudi statement.

kingdom occurs in Saudi Arabia | Shiites, who predominately reside in the east of the country, which is wealthy in oil, have long griped about being treated like second-class citizens. Regional unrest has already been sparked by the execution of Shiites. In the meantime, Saudi Arabia continues to have diplomatic discussions with Iran, a Shiite adversary in the area, in an effort to reduce long-standing tensions.

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