The Human Resources Ministry. The eleventh component of the developed social security is released.

The beneficiaries of the new developed social security who have been determined eligible for the tenth instalment of the developed security pension support have begun receiving financial payments into their accounts, according to a statement from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

The tenth payment of the social security pension was supposed to be released on October 1st, 2022, but it was decided on a Saturday instead, which is a holiday in the Kingdom for banks and government offices. As a result, the social security salary for this month is now being deposited into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries as of today, Sunday, October 2nd.

Everyone must confirm that their bank account is active and that the IBAN number is correct so that the payment may be received. One of the initiatives the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has implemented to help residents live decent lives and support their families financially is the Social Security Support Program.

Application standards for the Social Security Support Program

According to the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is concerned with the low- or no-income segments, working to improve their standard of living in a way that ensures them a decent life so that they can eventually rely solely on themselves and stop receiving assistance.

The following are some of the requirements for accepting registration applications:

how many family members there are the combined monthly income of all family members who are employed.failing to collect enough social security benefits.

How to find out if you qualify for the developer’s warranty

The steps listed below can be used to determine if a person is eligible for the social security programme that has been developed:

  • From here, access the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development’s designed social security system.
  • selecting the sophisticated social security scheme.
    Select “Eligibility Study” from the menu.
  • You will be able to examine the outcome of the developed social security eligibility: if you are eligible, the amount of the payment due will be displayed; if not, you may determine the causes and then object to eligibility.
  • Your account will be retrospectively reimbursed with any prior payments that you did not receive.

the social security program’s defined social ineligibility criteria
The Ministry of Human Resources studies social security eligibility in developed countries on a monthly basis. A number of factors might make a recipient ineligible, the most significant of which are: not registering a relative residing in the same house.

  • have a high income that prevents them from being eligible for the programme, which impacts the whole beneficiary family.
    exceeding the established warranty’s maximum.
  • the nonexistence of a valid lease.

Conditions for Social Security eligibility:

a non-Saudi woman who is married to a Saudi, a non-Saudi widow or divorcee who has Saudi offspring, and the Saudi children of the widow or divorcee. non-Saudi husband, people with disabilities, orphans and widows with orphans who have transportation cards are all exempt from the nationality requirement.

  • The independent or family’s estimated income is less than the minimum calculated pension, which is 1100 riyals for the primary earner and 550 riyals for each family member.

commitment to implementing training and job programmes for capable family members, as well as commitment to meeting the Ministry’s standards for providing health and education services to children.

  • He shouldn’t be dwelling in one of the state-sponsored houses or lodging facilities.
  • Has no high-value property.

Social Security Terms for Developers

According to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, assistance programmes encompass all non-eligible groups without respect to age or socioeconomic class. The terms of the established guarantee changed from the old ones to include additional categories that were not eligible in the new system. Among the most significant conditions:

The recipient must be a Saudi national who hasn’t been away from the country for more than 90 days.
not be registered as a business. He doesn’t possess any property or other assets that generate a sizable monthly income.

The minimum pension, which is 1100 riyals for the family and 550 riyals for dependents, should not be exceeded by his monthly wage. commitment to giving children access to all health and educational services.

Whether he is a renter or an owner, he must submit the lease contract together with the application when residing in his own home. All family members must follow the training and job programmes that the ministry offers.

It is not necessary for a divorced woman to be of Saudi nationality if she is a widow of a Saudi spouse and has children as well as those with mobility cards issued to widows and the disabled.
Likewise, the kids of a Saudi woman who had a divorce from a foreigner.

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