The lead continues to be shared. Benfica and Paris Saint-Germain drew 0-0, while Juventus earned their first win.

Benfica and Paris Saint-Germain are still tied for first place in Group H of the Champions League. In the third round of group stage matches, Benfica and Paris Saint-Germain were able to draw at home with one goal apiece.

Before Danilo’s own-net goal for Benfica to tie the score, Lionel Messi had given the visitors the lead. Before the two teams face off again on Tuesday in the fourth round, each team increased its score to a combined 7-point advantage.

Juventus defeated Maccabi Haifa by a score of three goals to one to earn its first victory in the same group. Juventus improved its standing in the group, moving up to third with a score of 3.

Paris Saint-Germain vs. Benfica

Despite the visitors’ superior dominance at the opening of the game, the hosts really posed a threat to Paris Saint-Germain. After going up against Goncalo Ramos alone himself in the eighth minute, Gianluigi Donnarumma also stopped a goal.

In the 18th minute, Benfica’s Neres attempted a strong shot, but Donnarumma rejected it, keeping the Italian goalkeeper guarding his net. With an outstanding left-footed shot into Benfica’s goal in the 22nd minute, Lionel Messi swiftly unravelled the game.

Antonio Silva’s attempt was blocked by Donnarumma in the 38th minute, keeping Benfica from tying the score. Danilo scored his own goal from a pass in the 41st minute to give Paris Saint-Germain the equaliser.

Neymar nearly scored a goal from within the penalty area in the 50th minute, but his effort was blocked by a Benfica player. In order to keep the score equal between the two sides in the 81st minute against Rafa Silva, Donnarumma resumed his outstanding play from earlier in the game.

Sarabia came in to replace Lionel Messi in the 82nd minute. The two sides’ attempts to score the advance goal to maintain a tie for the lead were unsuccessful.

Juventus’ initial triumph

Juventus defeated Maccabi Haifa by a score of three goals to one in the third round to earn their first victory in the Champions League group stage. Adrien Rabiot’s free-kick goal for Juventus in the 35th minute of the first half established the Bianconeri’s dominance.

In the 50th minute, Dusan Vlahovic added another goal for Juventus to further extend their advantage.

In the 64th minute, Vlahovic added a third goal, but video technology disallowed it for offside. In the 75th minute, Juventus gave up the goal to narrow the margin, making the final score two goals to one.

In the 83rd minute, Rabiot scored his third goal for the Bianconeri to seal Juventus’ triumph.

With three points, Juventus moved up to third position, four points behind Benfica and Paris Saint-Germain. On Tuesday, Juventus will play the same club outside of their stadium in the fourth round.

Messi +40

After his strike against Benfica, Messi increased his total of goals scored in the Champions League to 40 different clubs.

Before today’s game, Messi has already scored against 39 different oppositions.

Before scoring against Benfica in the third game, Messi was unable to do so in the first two games.

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