The new tourist law in Saudi Arabia seeks to encourage trade, investment, and innovation.

The new tourist law

With the release of a new tourist law, which was authorised this week by a Council of Ministers Resolution, the Saudi Arabian tourism industry is undergoing a significant revamp.

The new tourist law would create new regulatory settings in the kingdom to entice tourism innovators and enhance the ease of doing business, according to the Saudi Ministry of Tourism. It makes it possible for brand-new or unproven tourist firms to get specialised permits and support from the Ministry, enabling them to succeed.

By establishing a one-stop platform for all tourist stakeholders, it will help streamline licencing processes and procedures. In February, both programmes were unveiled as a part of the Ministry’s Digital Tourism Strategy.

With the new legal framework, the Ministry of Tourism will have more control over the calibre of tourism services provided inside the kingdom, guaranteeing the highest standards for both visitors and companies while bolstering destination development.

Focused on collaboration

The measure also broadens the ministry’s authority to work quickly with other governmental agencies to reduce risks and handle emergencies.

The Council of Ministers also passed a resolution giving the Ministry of Tourism authority to promote industry expansion. The decision authorizes the ministry to enable tax and custom exemptions or reductions with relevant governmental bodies, providing strong inducements for enterprises to participate in the expanding tourist industry in the country.

Additionally, it enables the ministry to collaborate with other private sector organisations to create work plans and training programmes, facilitating job creation and training for Saudi citizens and advancing the nation’s human capital development.

The quality of services in the tourist industry will increase thanks to the new framework for collaboration with the private sector and pertinent government agencies, which will also help Saudi Arabia become one of the top five travel destinations in the world.

It will hasten the accomplishment of the objectives outlined in the National Tourism Strategy and Vision 2030 of the kingdom, including 100 million additional visitors, tourism’s 10% GDP contribution, and one million additional employment in the industry.

The approval of Saudi Arabia’s new tourism law will encourage trade and investment, support innovation, and draw tourists in accordance with global best practises, according to Ahmed Al Khateeb, the country’s minister of tourism. He stated, “We are glad to announce the ratification of the new tourist law in Saudi Arabia in our continuous work to build, promote and allow an internationally competitive tourism sector as a major pillar of Vision 2030.

The National Tourism Strategy of Saudi Arabia has advanced significantly since the kingdom recently unveiled the Regional Tourism Development Councils Regulation. NEOM, Al-Soudah, the Red Sea, and Diriyah Gate are just a few of the tourist spots that will expand more quickly as a result of the regulation.

Based on best international practices

The top twenty nations in the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index served as a guide for the development of the new tourism law.

The law takes into account the tourist industry’s quick expansion and integration with contemporary technology, including the creation of a new instrument for managing licences for novel tourism activities. One of the first industries in the kingdom to adopt this regulatory instrument is the tourist industry.

The legislation stipulates the creation of an information database with statistics and data on all facets of the Saudi tourism industry in accordance with worldwide best practises for investors in the industry, service providers, travellers, and other interested parties.

The information will be periodically updated and posted on the Ministry’s website in collaboration with pertinent organisations.

In other events, the Saudi Tourism Authority and Dubai carrier Emirates inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in February to encourage foreign travel to Saudi Arabia.

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