The passing of the craftsman Bassam Lotfy at 82 years old

The craftsman Bassam Lotfi died, on Friday morning, at 82 years old.

The Syndicate of Syrian Artists grieved the late Lotfi, who is one of the establishing age of Syrian show
and perhaps of most noticeable star through a creative vocation crossed many years, during which he epitomized many acting jobs in theater, radio, TV and film, making a recognized imprint throughout the
entire existence of Syrian craftsmanship.

Furthermore, the late craftsman Bassam Lotfy, brought into the world in Tulkarm in 1940, and hisimaginative experience changed between film, theater, TV and radio, and the film “Zahrat Al-Madina”
coordinated by Muhammad Shaheen was the principal film work in which he took part.

Chief Khaled Hamadeh

In spite of the fact that he didn’t concentrate on acting scholastically, he acquired insight and refined his
ability through his involvement in the trailblazer age starting from the start of his work with the General
Organization for Cinema and after that he worked with chief Khaled Hamadeh in the film “Al-Sakin”,
which discusses a story by the essayist Ghassan Kanafani in participation with the late craftsman Rafiq

Lotfi likewise assumed one of the main parts in the incomparable Egyptian chief Tawfiq Saleh’s “The
Deceiver,” which is one of the main movies of the Cinema Foundation and won five honors in a few
celebrations, notwithstanding his support in many movies, including “The Opposite Direction” by
Marwan Haddad and “Damascus with My Love.”

Directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz, “Faniya and Dissipated” by Najda Anzour, and “Damascus Aleppo” by Basil Al-Khatib.

Notwithstanding what Lotfi introduced in the seventh workmanship, the theater was the person who
laid out the entertainer well, as per a past assertion, which assisted him with possessing an important
position of power in radio show for his acting and vocal capacities. What’s more “Story in a Charade”
and others.

Palestinian National Theater

He partook in numerous dramatic works during his residency at the Palestinian National Theater in the
sixties and seventies of the last hundred years, taking into account that devoted subjects were at the first spot on the list of exhibitions at that point, and their point was to introduce a dramatic culture.

Lutfi had a significant presence in the Syrian show since its origin, so he partook in many works, for example, “Stories of the Night” by the late Muhammad Al-Maghout and Ghassan Jabri in 1972, through “The Circle of Fire”, “Abu Kamel”, “The End of a Brave Man”, “Journals of a General Manager” and “Saqr
Quraish” and “Jorn Shawish” and numerous others.

The late craftsman Lotfi never quit working and making in spite of his more than eighty years old,
leaving a creative vocation brimming with numerous emotional, dramatic, radio and realistic works,
wherein he won many honors.

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