The truth behind Egypt’s tallest bridge. The “Samira Moussa” axis led the trend for what reason?

After images depicting a sharp trend in the angles of climb and descent on the axis circulated, sparking debate and questions about its veracity, the Samira Moussa axis rose to the top of social networking sites in recent hours.

The State Information Service released an overhead video of the bridge intersection of Dr. Samira and Field Marshal Tantawi’s axes in reaction to the widely distributed photographs, demonstrating that the bridge was inaugurated with the most recent global systems and standards.

The Samira Moussa bridge mile truth

The State Information Service’s aerial photography video proved that the Samira axis does not have a strong slope in the angles of climb and descent and that the erroneous information that had been spread online regarding the axis was unfounded.

A live broadcast by the “Echo of the Country” website showed the truth of the problem, and several additional photographs and videos disseminated by the followers further demonstrated the lack of a sharp tendency in the bridge.

What is Samira Moussa’s axis?

One of the most significant bridges in the axis is Dr. Samira axis, which rises 26 metres above the ground and 8.5 metres over the monorail.

The Samira Moussa axis runs across the top of the Muhammad Ali Fahmy axis and links the exhibition grounds with the tenth of the assembly area. It also meets with the Yasser Rizk axis.

The Samira Moussa axis, which is located above the Omar Suleiman axis and seeks to connect the eastern and southern Cairo axes in the framework of developing new axes to assist traffic circulation, is traversed by the vehicle bridge.

Samira Moussa, who is she?

Egyptian maize researcher Samira Moussa was born in March 1917. She was born in the community of Sinbo al-Kubra in the Gharbia Governorate’s Zefta Center. She was the first Egyptian scientist studying maize, as well as the first teaching assistant at Fouad I University’s (now Cairo University’s) Faculty of Science. She participates in and publishes a lot of things.

On August 5, 1952, Samira Moussa was murdered in the United States of America.

Samira Moussa is one of the names that have been added to the school curricula so that students may learn about her in depth. She has also had one of the schools in her community named after her, and now a new axis has been named in her honour.

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