The Union Al-Hilal and maybe Al-Ittihad Al-Youth

The Union | The ranks of the contender teams for the championship may be fairly predicted after five rounds of the Saudi Rushan League. Technically, the young player continues to be the most convincing. He finished with 15 points and had a powerful attacking style by scoring 14 goals. What sets him apart from the other young players is that more than one young player made an appearance.

After five games, the youth deserve to be in the lead, which they kidnapped quietly and without fanfare, especially the Polish Krishwak, the Gabonese Aaron Salem, and Carlos Junior, and without a doubt cannot ignore the Argentines, Guanca and Banega, and La Meteb Al-Ammar and Nawaf Al-Abed, a group that appeared terrifying in a way that makes any other team review its plans before going to the field.

Despite a significant number of absences prior to the game, including the absence of Roma, Costa, and Abdulaziz Al-Bishi on the list, and the team’s pomegranate Tariq Hamed being dismissed at the conclusion of the first half, Al-Ittihad emerged as the second-most technically impressive team, as evidenced by the victory match. Although Al-Ittihad did play as a defence for the entirety of the game, the squad managed to stay together and maintain its confidence.

All the characteristics of a hero are there in Al-Ittihad, but Hegazy stands out for holding the reins of power like a priceless “battle flag” that must never be let go.

The method used by the Portuguese Santo is the same way that the Union won the historic triple with the cunning Dimitri, three central defenders, and five players. Hegazy this season appeared as the leader that the team missed last season, and he will have a significant impact on the team’s progress this season. He played midfield and was a beloved and well-remembered member of the Feds.

Al-Hilal, who performed flawlessly in the first four matches before losing in the fifth, theoretically has nothing to worry, even if he was unable to sign up any new players. When you get wounded, the club lost five players as a result, and the league is only getting started, I believe Al Hilal has to assess the team’s physical equipment before things deteriorate further.

If the Cameroonian Abu Bakr does not quickly regain his scoring sense, the missed points will follow. Victory, the fourth-place team in the competition, is still searching for itself. The Union The team has improved defensively, but is still struggling offensively. Losing five points is difficult when you can control your opponent 70% of the time and reach his goal 18 times without scoring.

Simply put, whoever thinks that money alone can win championships is mistaken, and the closest example to the time of President Nawaf Al-Muqairen is that the man was sincere in his good intentions for the union, and paid a lot out of his own pocket, a lot of money,

The Union but regrettably he did not have the thought that he managed The system of an entity the size of the venerable Union, and the biggest mistake that Al-Muqairin made at Some of them had doubts about The Union, while others were “polishing for cash” media, while yet others were merely “brokers”

who simply looked to profit from several agreements, the most of which were duds. It only benefitted brokers and players; the union and the peer-reviewed president were the greatest losers. This clearly shows that having money alone does not guarantee success if it is not combined with professional thought, an intellectually developed vision of the club’s future, and viable solutions to realise the goals of the organisation.

If providing players who can make a difference for the team or providing all club teams with training tools, and above all else, the president should entice successful administrative names rather than names who depend on the team?

If President Anmar counted on winning a second term based just on the number of votes he now has and the amount of financial backing he has, I think and even declare that he is incorrect.

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