The video “Muhammed the sixth in France” is causing an uproar..and the “Ruler’s Pages Manager” explains reality

During the previous hours, person-to-person communication locales were humming with a video, whose distributors said it has a place with the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, however, a few subtleties in the clasp, which doesn’t surpass 5 seconds, ignited a division between the people who thought about that the ruler was “smashed”, and others said that he staggered while strolling.

Activists via web-based entertainment circled a video cut, remarking on it, saying that “the King of Morocco seems savored a European country”, which was likewise distributed by a few Algerian papers, including “An-Nahar “.

Communication locales

The trailblazers of person-to-person communication locales said that the video was taken in the French capital, Paris, as per “Al-Nahar”.

As per the Algerian paper, “The lord was meandering in the road in a condition of tipsiness, wearing a pants suit and a glass of wine in his grasp. He was encircled by a security group in non-military personnel garments, who forestalled bystanders from shooting him all things considered.”

Al-Hurra couldn’t get an authority reaction from the Moroccan specialists in regards to the spread video.

King Mohammed The Sixth’s pages

In any case, Sofiane El-Bahri, who recognizes himself as the overseer of King Mohammed VI’s pages via online entertainment, demonstrated that “the video was recorded quite a while back,” depicting the dissemination of the video as “a hopeless endeavor by the separatists and with them Algerians to twist the picture of the ruler.”

What’s more, through his record on the “YouTube” site, he remarked on the video spread, Thursday, saying, “The ruler was meandering in Paris, and keeping in mind that he went to return harmony to certain individuals there, he nearly lost his equilibrium and rested wary due to an issue in his leg.”

occasions and situations

In his distribution, he rejected that the lord conveyed a “wine cup”, it was a “carafe of water”, taking into account the flow of the video “a deception and creation of occasions and situations that don’t have anything to do with the first video that was distributed to pressure that it.”

In light of the circling video, Moroccan activists sent off a “hashtag”, “Lord Muhammed the sixth is a red line”, which was extremely famous on Twitter.

The activists distributed a few tweets on the side of the Moroccan lord via virtual entertainment, focusing on their dismissal of the “creation that impacted the ruler.”

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