To penetrate the Saudi Arabian market, Joe & The Juice

The Saudi Arabian market | To open its first locations in Saudi Arabia, Joe & The Juice has struck a franchise deal with The Independent Food Company.

Within ten years, the Danish coffee and juice chain intends to run 200–300 locations throughout the Middle East. In September 2022, it opened its first stores in the UAE.

Joe & The Juice

The Independent Food Company’s cooperation with Joe & The Juice would help the company “create a significant footing” in one of the Middle East’s fastest-growing marketplaces, according to Kaspar Basse, the company’s founder.

The first of the four Joe & The Juice locations will open will be in Riyadh, the partnership’s capital city. By the end of 2025, the companies hope to have at least 20 locations open throughout Saudi Arabia.

“Partnering with The Independent Food Company will help us build a significant footprint in one of the fastest-growing markets, in addition to the KSA market being a tremendous step for us within the Gulf and the Middle East. They have extensive knowledge of markets, brands, and food.

They play the F&B game, and we are confident in them for this voyage. The present growth strategy is for opening four locations in the first year, seven in the second, and ten in the third… before moving even farther, according to Joe & The Juice founder Kaspar Basse.

Over 300 outlets worldwide are currently run by the Copenhagen-based Joe & The Juice. Before the year is over, the company also intends to begin operations in Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar.

The chain announced in its financial results for 2021 that operational profit increased 9% to $36 million while revenues increased 30% to $149 million.

The Independent Food Company, a hospitality company with offices in the UAE, presently manages four other food and beverage brands throughout the Middle East: Salt, Switch, Parker’s, and the coffee concept Grind in Dubai.

Healthy drinks, food have been on the rise recently, so Joe & The Juice’s entry into the market is timely. This is our first overseas partnership.

We love to promote novel and intriguing ideas into the market, so we have put our faith in a well-known and renowned brand. It is a wonderful tasting, healthy menu filled with flavour and diversity, with fast and healthy options available as well as hot coffee to enjoy after a sandwich and salad, according to Deem AlBassam, managing director of The Independent Food Company.

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