Turki Al-Youssef

Who is Turki Al-Youssef?

Turki Al-Youssef – As this individual is one of the popular characters for some individuals and there are numerous who follow his work, in the approaching lines we will discuss the response to this inquiry as we will find out the main data about this individual and his most significant works and numerous other data about this subject exhaustively.

Turki Al-Youssef is a Saudi entertainer and telecaster who has the wide distinction among the delegates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as in the whole Arab world, as this individual began his imaginative vocation given his dad, dad was a commentator on Saudi radio and TV, and he is Khaled Al-Youssef?

Turki has been named a top-notch entertainer and telecaster starting around 1992. He began in the field of acting when he was eighteen years of age. His most memorable film was a joint film between Saudi Arabia and Japan, and the recording of this film was under the oversight of the Ministry of Internal and External Information.

Along with this, he has introduced numerous TV programs that were live broadcasting live and examined numerous significant subjects. After that, he performed numerous significant series and movies that made him extraordinary notoriety not on,y on the Saudi screen but in the whole Arab world. He has many series that has various parts that spread the word.

Memoir of Turki Al-Youssef

Many individuals need to know more data about the Saudi entertainer and telecaster Turki Al-Yousef. In the accompanying lines, we will discuss the main data about him exhaustively:

  • Complete name: Turki Khaled Al-Youssef.
  • Date of Birth: March 10, 1973.
  • Spot of birth and home: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Age: 49 years of age.
  • Identity: Saudi Arabia.
  • Conjugal Status: Married.
  • Occupation: Saudi telecaster and entertainer.
  • Long periods of movement: starting around 1986 as of recently.

The main works of Turki Al-Youssef

This entertainer has introduced numerous series and movies over his time in the workmanship world.

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