UAE: According to reports, numerous journalists were fired for writing about the housing crisis.

Journalists were fired | After publishing a piece criticising the nation’s escalating prices, the Dubai-based Al-Roeya sacked scores of writers and editors.
After publishing an article exposing the financial impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on the cost of life for low-income inhabitants of the UAE, the Emirati news website Al-Roeya fired hundreds of editors and journalists.

Before Al-primary Roeya’s online sections were shut down last week, according to Raseef22, a Lebanese news website that first reported on the mass firings last week ,journalists were fired staff members, journalists, and senior editors were sacked and some of them were interrogated.

A few hours after the news was published, sombre managers were waiting for journalists and editors at the Al-Roeya offices in Dubai Media City to tell them that they had been sacked.

Journalists who spoke with Raseef22 claim that Emirati officials were incensed by a June Al-Roeya article that examined the economic journalists were fired repercussions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the worldwide market as well as the rising cost of living crisis affecting low-income UAE citizens.

The International Media Investments (IMI) corporation, based in Abu Dhabi, is the owner of Al-Roeya, one of the well-known newspapers in the United Arab Emirates. Al-Roeya discontinued its printed edition in April in order to reduce expenses while maintaining its online websites that covered business, political, and cultural subjects.

Journalists were fired | Fury over report

The Al-Roeya report from June was removed after receiving a lot of social media attention. It spoke with UAE citizens who claimed that they had travelled to Oman, which is close by, to fill up their cars with fuel because it was less expensive there.

After being widely circulated on social media, the report that Al-Roeya published in June was removed. Residents of the UAE who were spoken journalists were fired to for this article claimed that they had travelled to Oman in the area because it was less expensive to fill up their car’s fuel tanks.

However, according to the AP, IMI officials said that Al-closure Roeya’s was a result of the public road cleaning becoming CNN Business Arabic, which would debut journalists were fired later this year, as part of the newspaper’s makeover into an Arabic business portal.

Cathryn Grothe, a Middle East research analyst at the Washington-based organisation Freedom House, told AP that while maintaining its repression, “the UAE advertises itself as liberal and open to commerce.”

A royal business

Al-Roeya was established in 2012 and underwent a rebranding process three years prior to that to broaden its viewership.

The English-language newspaper The National and Sky News Arabia are two additional media that IMI runs in the UAE. Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, journalists were fired a billionaire and the deputy prime minister of the UAE who also owns the Manchester City soccer team in the UK, is the owner of IMI.
Working for UAE media without being subjected to censorship was difficult, a journalist told Raseef22.

Any tourism or economic report needs one to two weeks to get approved by the appropriate government, according to my experience and the experiences of my coworkers, the journalist added.

Independent journalists will only be able to provide three reports per month at most, but this does not worry them because of their attractive reputation.

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