UAE and Oman are expecting thunder and rain!

UAE and Oman prepared for this week’s rain, thunder, and lightning.

A weather front from northern India and Pakistan is anticipated to arrive in Dubai and Abu Dhabi early on Wednesday after reaching Muscat on Tuesday.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, when the temperature in Fujairah will drop to 29°C, there is likely to be a lot of rain.

Rainfall and cooler temperatures are anticipated to reach coastal and western regions, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) of the United Arab Emirates.

In some regions, there may be occasional lightning and thunder along with light to heavy rain.

Dust will be blown by moderate to high winds, which may reduce vision.

Although summer storms are not unheard of, July and August are usually the Gulf’s driest months.

According to the center’s weekly forecast, the Oman Sea and Arabian Gulf will be moderate to rough at this time.

On Wednesday, lows will be 24°C in Al Ain, 25°C in Fujairah, 27°C in Dubai, and 29°C in Abu Dhabi as the temperatures continue to decrease.

The temperature in Abu Dhabi will reach a high of 44°C on Thursday night.

With a likelihood of fog or mist over certain interior and coastal areas, the humidity will rise to 85%.

At least 19 people perished in Oman this month as a result of flash flooding brought on by torrential rains.

A father and his two daughters, who lived in Dubai and were visiting the sultanate for the Eid holidays, were among the victims.

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