UAE degrees signal popularity for vocations in strategy

Abu Dhabi: The Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA) has reported that it has closed the enrolment for its most memorable public opening of its Master of Arts Program in Global Affairs and Diplomatic Leadership (MAGAD) and the MA Program in Humanitarian Action and Development (MAHAD).

The “critical” number of utilizations got by AGDA mirrors the Emirati youth’s advantage in gaining information and abilities in discretionary authority and foreign relations to pass the UAE’s message on to the more extensive world and raise the country’s status on the worldwide front, AGDA said.

MAGAD adjusts

Sent off without precedent for 2017, MAGAD adjusts topical courses, functional courses, and strategic abilities courses, which means to set understudies’ information on worldwide and local issues,

especially those applicable to the UAE, while upgrading their discretionary initiative abilities.

The MAHAD program, which is sent off in 2021 in participation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC),

gives members down-to-earth abilities improvement and information on the major hypothetical patterns that are molding the conveyance of helpful guide and advancement studies.

UAE’s tact

Nickolay Mladenov, Director-General of AGDA, said: “The Academy brings embraced key bearings to the table profoundly serious projects intended to empower Emirati youth,

as well as current and future negotiators, to have famous abilities and information that would empower them to serve the higher key objectives of the UAE’s discretion and its compassionate improvement commitments to the world.”

The significant number of Emiratis who sought to enroll in the Academy’s renowned MA programs, he continued,

fundamental interests

strengthens AGDA’s position as a preeminent global scholar and exploration concentration and confirms that discretion and human improvement are fundamental interests to the Emirati youth.

We are certain that our future alumni will want to serve the UAE’s international strategy mission, which centers around the methodology of harmony, resistance, and participation.”

Since AGDA’s origin in 2014, the Academy has seen more than 300 Emiratis move on from its scholarly projects, with many joining conciliatory professions and addressing the UAE in the worldwide field.

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