UNESCO Commences Banda Neira Band, Rich in History and Nature

Neira Band a secret paradise in Maluku, is beginning to attract UNESCO’s notice. Banda Neira was identified as a candidate world heritage site by the organisation. This area is full in nature and marine life and is rich in history and culture.

One of the ten volcanic islands in the Banda Islands, Maluku Province, is Banda Neira. Banda Neira was originally the sole nutmeg-producing region in the world, hiding behind its natural beauty.

There is no denying Banda Neira’s stunning natural surroundings. According to the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Culture, Banda Neira is a paradise in eastern Indonesia with magnificent natural landscape that is still active today.

Previous Wealth

Visitors are invited to savour nostalgic moments at Neira Band. Residents of the Banda Islands’ capital city here have humble lives next to remnants of Europe’s past from the 17th century.

colonial-era forts from various periods that are still standing. In fact, it continues to be a popular tourist destination today.

The native myristica trees, which are tall, fragrant, and tropically green plants that provide the spices nutmeg and mace, are also abundant in Banda Neira.

Before the arrival of the West in the early 1500s, Neira Band was a vibrant regional commerce hub where the finest silk, jade, and even gold were exchanged for nutmeg, which was marketed as a natural food preservative with medical benefits.

Fort Belgica is one of the old forts in Banda Neira. Fort Belgica, the most famous and spectacular fort, was constructed in 1611. The fort, which was constructed by the Dutch on a tiny plateau that overlooks the harbour and is supported by a hill that is 240 metres high, was renovated It was built in the 1990s and is still in fantastic shape.

This five-sided Fort Belgica, known as Banda Neira, has an interesting design. The colonists were to be shielded by the fort from any local insurrection as well as dangers from the sea.

Another fort, Fort Nassau, which functioned as the Dutch East India Company’s administrative centre for the Banda Islands, is just a few hundred metres away. The now-empty Governor’s Palace, often known as the Mini Palace, is one of the island’s other attractions.

The former residence of a strong Dutch controller (the inspector). Built in 1820, the Mini Palace has enormous granite slabs, vibrant floor tiles, glazed marble, intricately carved beams, big oak doors, and shutter windows.

Sea Grace

Additionally, Banda Neira includes undersea resources and coral reefs. Due to this, Neira Band is now a well-known diving destination worldwide.

The Banda Volcano is one of Neira Band well-known tourist attractions. Originally known as Mount Ganapus, the peak rises 656 metres above sea level.

Neira Band splendour may be seen from a height, surrounded by a great expanse of green, at the summit of Mount Ganapus. There are 23 indigenous bird species that may be found right here. Surprisingly, Magma Flow, a gorgeous and well-known diving location, is also located on Mount Ganapus.

Black sand, coral reefs, and the ruins of the Banda Volcano may all be found in Lava Flow. The underwater flora has become luxuriant, luscious, and lovely as a result of this previous volcanic eruption, which is far from being horrible. The Lion Fish is one of the marine biota that lives in the Lava Flow waters.

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