Unit By letting go of Al-Batin once more, Al-Wahda has complete power.

Unit Al-first Wahda’s football team yesterday trounced its visitor with a clean sweep as part of the competitions for the seventh round, continuing its unwavering dominance of its encounters with Al-Batin in Al-Sharia during the professional league period.

In the 42nd and 56th minutes of the game, Hussein Al-Essa and Alberto Botia of Spain, who played in the middle of the defence, each scored twice. Unit In all of their league encounters with Al-Batin at the King Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium in Al-Sharai, Al-Wahda held a 100% edge.

Since the implementation of the professional system in the summer of 2008, the stadium has previously played home to three additional league meetings between the two sides, all of which resulted in victories for the “Knights.”

While the sub-base proceeded to the Roshan League rankings after his score halted at one point, the stadium owner increased his score to 7 points and moved up from 12th to ninth position.

Three years later, Bhutan achieves

Alberto Botia, a Spanish defender for Al-first Wahda’s football club, scored in the professional league for the first time in more than three years yesterday by shaking the Al-Batin goal.

Botia experienced scoring in a league match for the first time since August 30, 2019, when he scored against Al-Wehda versus Abha. Unit The Spaniard increased his total number of goals in the competition to 4, scoring two goals while wearing an Al-Hilal jersey and two while wearing an Al-Wahda logo.

Unit Al Wahda, who joined his team in the summer of 2019 and comes from Al Hilal, helped the defence score his third goal overall. Two of the three goals were scored in professional league play, and the third was scored for elite clubs in the Yellow League.

Hamad Al- Jizani, the right-back for Al-first Wahda’s football squad, was unable to play yesterday against Al-Batin in the seventh round of the Saudi Roshan League due to a muscle ailment. Al-Jizani was left off the roster because, according to sources in Al-Riyadiah, he had a minor back muscle injury during yesterday’s final practise for the match.

Nour Al-Rashidi replaced him and started the game for the third time this season to make up for his absence from the previous contest.

Unit After including him three times as a replacement, the 19th Main Al Wahda coach, Bahosawi, put Hawsawi in the starting lineup for the first time. Unit There are 18 players that joined the squad in the league in addition to Hawsawi, with 5 of them primarily playing in every game.

The window is cracked.

As part of the seventh round of the Saudi Roshan League, Al-Wahda First Football Team and its sub-match were played yesterday at the King Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium in Al-Sharaa. One of the two goals’ nets was cut.

Before the start of the second half, one of the assistant referees detected fragments in the upper section of the side netting of Al-goal. Unit Batin’s At Abdul Samad Bakri’s request, the stadium staff entered his level to cut the pieces. Al Wahda prevailed by two goals in the final score of the game.

Having won the second game, Akrapovic

In their second matchup, which was their first on Saudi venues, Bosnian Bruno Akrapovic, the head coach of Al-first Wahda’s football squad, outperformed Croatian Alen Horvat, the head coach of Al-Batin .Unit In the seventh round of the Saudi Rushen League yesterday, Akrapovic guided his squad to a 2-0 victory against Al-Batin.

Unit The 2013–2014 Slovenian Premier League season saw the two coaches cross paths once, and it resulted in a scoreless tie. The teams Solin and NK Pomorac were being led at the time by Akrabovi and Hurvát, respectively.

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