What it’s like now to travel to Saudi Arabia

It is challenging to travel to Saudi Arabia without a number of preconceptions, assumptions, and preconceived notions influencing what one expects. After all, the nation has spent the last 50 years keeping itself isolated from the outside world, and up until recently, it was extremely impossible for anybody to enter, unless they were undertaking a pilgrimage to Mecca for religious reasons.

Women must be completely covered and veiled, there is to be no mingling of the sexes, and there is a strict and unyielding religious police force, as we have all heard. To be honest, I’d be surprised if any Westerners were interested in visiting because the stifling atmosphere makes it difficult to have fun.

Therefore, the choice to send fresh air storms around the nation has completely changed the landscape. Saudi Arabia is investing outrageous amounts of money to build new cities and tourist attractions as part of this transformation, long-term preparation for the post-oil era. Change at breakneck speed is the only constant in Saudi Arabia today.

Going any farther without mentioning Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, often known as MBS, who is the driving force behind these moves, would be foolish. Furthermore, no study about MBS is complete without mentioning the uproar he causes.

Saudi Arabia is not only dune country, though! Amidst jagged rock cliffs, lush oasis of date palms and long grasses swing. Southern Saudi sky are kissed by terraced green mountains covered with clouds. White dunes, vibrant corals, and waterways that are impossibly transparent are all teeming with fish line. Saudi Arabia’s coast.

Foreign women are exempt from donning abayas (robes). Foreigners without spouses are permitted to share hotel rooms. Women may now drive and are no longer required to travel with a male guardian. Men’s and women’s entrances are no longer necessary in restaurants. Movie theatres, concerts, and festivals are now allowed. to mention a few.

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