When Dina Hayek revealed she had breast cancer, the celebrities rallied around her.

A few hours ago, Dina Hayek announced that she had breast cancer six months prior and that she was undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital. She also informed her Twitter followers of the news of her cancer. Dina Hayek’s fans first noticed her disappearance several months ago, and rumours that she was ill spread but the specifics of her illness were not disclosed.

Apparently Dina kept her diagnosis a secret for the previous six months, but she chose to share her story in a symposium with the Retello Foundation to share her experience and raise awareness among breast cancer patients.

Dina Hayek disclosed that she underwent periodic examinations every six months, and the doctor learned that she had the third-degree sickness by accident, particularly given that six months had not elapsed since the date of the most recent check, which confirmed that she was infected.

Dina Hayek admirers were stunned by this news, and many of her fans and celebrities responded to it by tweeting their wishes for her safety, quick recovery from the illness, and safe return to her fans and celebrities.

“The safety of your heart Dina Hayek , God willing, our Lord will grant you healing, for He is the One who is able,” Najwa Karam said in response to Dina Kateb’s tweet.

Dina Hayek was backed by Nishan, who wrote: “Our lives are invaded by cancer, which brings its bitterness with it. Dina, the elite, is deserving of life’s pleasure in the belief that you would prevail over her with your faith and the world’s willpower.”

“”The good and loving Dina, the safety of your heart, may God grant you strength to see goodness through, O Lord; you are a solid and strong person who will not waver,” overcome the disease and keep the sweet laugh in the life of all who love you, all the love you,” Joumana Bouaid wrote on Twitter.

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