When you start to lose control, Salwa Khattab cautions Yasmine Ezz, “Keep thinking about me.” This is the key of Hind Rostom’s advise.

Salwa Khattab, an actress, spoke with media host Yasmine Ezz on the “Kalam El Nas” show about personal and professional secrets.

Salwa Khattab, an actress, addressed the Sabah trend on social media in response to the role that she played in the Nelly and Sherihan television series.

Salwa Khattab said, “When I was given the character, I offered to the director that we put the statement in the series, and he agreed. In public life, I used to utter the famous sentence of the character (I am six courteous, but they are the ones who provoke me).

“Now, everyone who wants to immunise himself against the other shares my photo, and it was a dark day, so I don’t bother with the narrative of the trend,” when they developed the trend,” she stated.

You desire to obstruct my market.

Salwa Khattab, an actress, addressed those who claimed she was the man’s adversary by saying: “I’m not sure who made the charge.

She continued: “Anyone who cannot be hostile to them cannot be unfriendly to someone else.”Woman and guy are similar. I provide care for two people. The human being is what I am concerned about.

I feel that the Egyptian women are carrying a lot of heavy loads and are expected to accomplish more than they can do, the woman continued.

heed Rostom’s counsel

Salwa Khattab, an actress, explained how she acquired her agility while at a festival with the legendary artist Hind Rostom. grew only after I left my job.

Hours, I would leave myself to eat, but they are 3 or 4 kilogrammes, she continued. I won’t leave myself with more than that since if the weight is higher, it will be challenging for me to try to return.

Adorable Enough

During her interview with the show, Salwa Khattab expressed surprise: “Lea, one of my pals, has beliefs that are contrary to yours, and all day long, women and women’s rights, and this conversation.”

The man does not need to put up any effort to be handsome; he is already attractive. She added, “The man is not obliged to do anything other than his job, and he takes care of him from his house,” and Yasmine Ezz said.

Yasmine Ezz was forewarned by Salwa Khattab, who said: “Romantic sufficiency and the Prophet, and keep thinking of me when you take out of your hair, lest the latter say, “No, I do not accept this for me or for anybody else.”

She was pulled by her hair.

During her appearance on the show, Salwa Khattab stunned Yasmine Ezz and the journalists by stating, “Lea is one of my pals. She holds views that differ from yours, and she frequently speaks about women’s rights and other topics all day.

“I told her I’m waiting to see you married so I can see you dragging your hair, and in fact, you got married and you were pulled into the reception from her hair,” Salwa Khattab continued.

Yasmine Ezz said, “I am against violence, but I am with the fact that each side is moving forward without issues or hassles.

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