world soccer organization | Why Iran’s participation in the World Cup might be disastrous

world soccer organization | According to former Foreign Office minister and UK Labour Party MP Chris Bryant, Iran ought to be disqualified from the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Bryant, the head of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Russia,

said on October 17 that any nation found to have “provided military support” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine should be prohibited from competing in international sports. Bryant was referring to military hardware like Shahed drones.

The next day, in response to the Islamic Republic’s violence during recent anti-government rallies, Iranian protestors demanded that the organisation that oversees soccer in the globe exclude Iran from the Suspend the Iranian Football Federation and attend the November World Cup in Qatar.

world soccer organization The campaigners requested that FIFA categorically distance itself from Iran’s cruelty and violence against its own people, world cup soccer ball 2022 claiming that it has reached a breaking point.

However, the International Football Federation ultimately decided not to include this proposal to its schedule.

Why is FIFA so adamant on keeping Iran in the 2018 World Cup, which will kick off on November 20 in Qatar?

Can the FIFA President make his own decisions on Iran?

Some in the Iranian football world think that Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, supporting Mehdi Taj, the president of the Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran, world soccer organization is primarily motivated by the FIFA elections that will take place the following year.

Taj, a member of the Revolutionary Guards’ Intelligence Organization who switched to football, is also the vice president of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). On October 18, the AFC expressed their backing for Infantino before he had made his candidacy known.

Candidates for different FIFA positions have been eager to court the leaders of Iran’s Football Federation since since Iran was a driving force behind the founding of the AFC in 2014.

Throughout these years, FIFA has turned a blind eye to the Islamic Republic’s violations of its charter as well as other issues, such as the exclusion of women from stadiums during football matches, Taj’s widespread financial corruption, the systemic interference of politics in sports, and the world soccer organization federation’s collaboration with the regime in the suppression of athletes.

It is obvious that Infantino has supported Taj in recent years, but FIFA’s president does not have the only authority to decide whether a team participates in international competitions or is disqualified, or whether a national football federation is punished or not.

The best he can accomplish is persuade other senior officials to postpone bringing the case against a nation or federation to the FIFA Council, which serves as the body’s principal decision-making body between sessions of FIFA Congress.

Response of the Islamic Republic to Calls to Exclude Iran from the World Cup

world soccer organization Iran’s football association has not taken seriously the possibility of being disqualified from the 2022 World Cup. On October 20, Taj said that FIFA “had no intentions to disqualify Iran’s National Football Team” a few hours prior to the FIFA Council meeting. Iran’s exclusion from the World Cup was not on the council’s agenda, which was posted on the official FIFA website.

The calls to exclude Iran from the World Cup received little attention from media sources connected to the regime, either. For instance, until the FIFA Council’s world soccer organization agenda was made public, the daily Kayhan, whose editor-in-chief is chosen by the office of the Supreme Leader, made just brief notice of these requests.

The repercussions might be severe if Iran’s national football squad does participate in the World Cup.

In late September, Iran played two friendly matches against Senegal and Uruguay in the Austrian town of St. Polten, but Iranian state TV did not world soccer organization broadcast the matches because they were concerned that demonstrators would use the occasion to yell anti-Islamic Republic chants.

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