Yes, transfers in the Egyptian leagues and European leagues differ from one another.

Is it accurate to state that in Egyptian leagues football, the sound of fight always carries the loudest voice?Battles between the two major clubs can be fought on all fronts, in all colours, and among all types of individuals.

Secret conflicts between referees, financial wars in the transfer market, and battles between certain sports media professionals—but not all of them. Some of them are in the open, such as the fights between the fervent supporters of the clubs and authorities. We have what I like to refer to as flourless grinding.

Out of everything mentioned here, I decide to focus on the transfer season and I ask: What is going on in Egypt? Do our transfers have any tastes other foreign cuisine? Is our taste the finest or the worst?

Example: Egyptian leagues Although the summer transfer window is believed to be the most competitive and well-liked, some major teams in Egypt have moved their moves to the winter window. Let me introduce you to Liverpool, the club that spends the most money in Europe among the five top leagues.

Real Madrid paid the penalty clause for Haaland’s sale to City in the amount of 79.80 million euros minus 60.79 million euros from Man City.

Paris Saint-Germain spent 38 million euros, Bayern Munich spent 50.50 million euros, while Arsenal received 44.86 million euros.

The distinction between it and the Egyptian leagues in how TV income is distributed to English and Egyptian clubs is crucial in this case.

The Egyptian leagues winner and the clubs who have been promoted to the Premier League are on an even playing field in English, meaning that all teams are entirely equal.

Unfortunately, there is no equality here, and I’ll tell you what, my neighbour, the Club Association in Egyptian leagues , there is no equality even in the lottery. If they hadn’t altered it this year, there would have been no equality, which is excellent for the League.

I’ll wrap up by discussing how teams behaved during the transfer season.

Al-Ahly club being watchful and cautious – Ismaili rush in spite of the situation – Al-Masry rush due to the club president’s funds; – Zamalek rush notwithstanding the reasons for halting his account. Companies pay without restrictions due to their financial strength. Do we here in the United States differ from Europe? you ask. Your answer on my behalf

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